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The Hydroponic Garden Secret

The #1 Food You Can Grow ALL YEAR & Indoors

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And when you claim your very own physical copy today, you'll learn:

Hydroponic 101

Obstacle Avoidance

Growing Tips For Success

Top 11 Fruits & Vegetables

What Are You Waiting For?

Step-by-step instructions on how you can start your very own hydroponic garden

The easiest plants to get your hydroponic system up and "growing"

My top tips for maintaining a healthy garden season after season

The 7 most common types of hydroponic systems and how to build them

My #1 tip to yielding successful results on your first hydroponic garden

The best way & place to set up your system for optimal results

How to turn a soda bottle into a self-sustained hydroponic system

How to turn the top of a fish tank into an aquarium water culture system

And much more!

New to hydroponics? Need not worry as I'll break down everything you need to know in order to start your own hydroponic system including light, water, nutrients and more. You'll be up going in no time!

You may have your hydroponic system set up perfectly and will still run in to the occasional problem. I'll list the most common issues that you may come across as well as simple fixes to keep you up and running!

There are endless possibilities to what you can grown with a hydroponic garden, but I'll get you started with my Top  11 Fruits & Veggies to start with in order to give you the best chance of success.

Once you're up and running you need to garden to grow! I'll reveal my top tips for success so that you give your hydroponic system the best chance possible to yield a plentiful crop! It's not as hard as you think.

A Taste of What's Inside

LaRee E.

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"I just love your book!! So helpful this year..thanks so much!!

Jacque R.D.

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"Loved it! So much info. Easy to understand."

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Cheryl T.

"Love, love, love this box, no plastic parts. So nice to set on my kitchen counter."

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Susan B.

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"I love this book! It is super easy to understand and has been a great asset for this fledgling gardener. I wondered what things I could plant close to each other and help my garden really produce. I also learned what non gmo referred to and what to look for when buying seeds

Paul C.

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"Great book with great tips. We had fun with the grandchildren with the plantings and harvesting."

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Stephanie M.

"The book is wonderfully written and easy to understand. I like the extra tidbits of information in the "Did You Know" boxes. I am going to enjoy improving my gardening and health with this book."

DIT: 5-Gallon Bucket Hydroponic System
a $37 value, Yours FREE!

Don’t let the word hydroponic scare you. Although large-scale growers use this system to grow massive amounts of produce in a short period of time, the system is not limited to commercial agricultural use. You can make your very own hydroponic system at home and get started right away growing tasty produce all year long.

This system is best for long-term crops that produce a lot of fruit and need a lot of water like tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons.


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Hydroponics For Survival
a $29.99 value, Yours FREE!

While the basic concept of hydroponics is growing plants in nutrient solution with or without the use of a soilless medium, many methods have been developed over the years to suit different purposes and availability of resources.

Inside, you'll find all the tips I've learned over the past 30 years of doing this myself!

Indoor Gardening: 16 Best Plants To Grow In Your Home
a $29.99 value, Yours FREE!

You don’t have to be a gardening mastermind to grow your own edible plants — and you don’t even have to have space outside for a garden! In fact, there are lots of great edible plants that can be grown indoors, even in a tiny apartment space.

Just imagine, all you have to do is wake up in the morning and take a few steps to tend your crops. There are lots of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that can thrive in the smallest of urban spaces, no yard required.


A taste of what's inside...

A taste of what's inside...


Backyard Paleo
a $29.99 value, Yours FREE!

In this book, we’ll teach you all the basics: how to find the right chicken breeds for your family, how to build a coop and how to care for your flock so you have eggs year-round. With the tips and tricks throughout each section, you’ll have a productive backyard coop in no time. Let’s get started!

A taste of what's inside...

13 Backyard Container Gardens For Perfect Planting
a $29.99 value, Yours FREE!

Container gardening is so much fun! Not only do containers make gardening a possibility for everyone, even those with little space, but they also make great conversation pieces. This is especially true when you use recycled, free or cheap containers. 

Inside I'm going to give you my list of some very cool container ideas that are environmentally friendly and lots to fun to make.


A taste of what's inside...