The #1 Way to Grow a GROCERY Store In Your Backyard or Patio

My name is Susan Patterson. I am a Master Gardener and the author of The Instant Box Garden Miracle, a top-selling book in America. I’ve been growing food to support my entire family (and the families of my family) for well over 20 years!

In the wake of WWI and WWII, millions of American citizens embraced the idea of the victory garden. With food shortages, rising costs, and the need to support the war effort overseas, the government called upon communities and individuals to grow their own food for nourishment and to keep up morale in a country afflicted by the mounting effects of such an enormous war. Citizens answered the call with relish, and by 1943, almost 40% of all fruits and vegetables in the U.S. were being produced in victory gardens.

During this time in our history, people experienced the benefits of growing their own food, the security, the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you are providing healthy and safe food for your family, that your supply will not run out and that you are in control! 

We are in a war of sorts right now…

During this mounting global pandemic, that we are at war against, planting your own garden is a great way to ensure that you can produce fresh food for your family (without having to go to the grocery store), and it is an awesome way for you to stay sane and healthy during self-isolation.  A homegrown food supply is a great way to ensure your basic needs are met, and reduce the stress of dealing with the current economic or political climate.

But maybe you are not sure where to start?  This is where I come in.

I believe that times are fragile and having  access to a healthy, controlled, food source is more important than ever. I also know that growing your own food is one of the best and easiest ways to stay healthy and supercharge your immune system.

As anyone that’s been to a grocery store knows… it’s hard to find non-GMO foods. So much food goes unlabeled… you don’t know what you’re going to get. And the non-GMO food labels just mean that the seller can charge you 5 times what the food is worth. Like me, I don’t doubt you feel robbed every time you pay for organic foods. 

“I love eating dinner at Susan’s house, her produce  is so healthy and delicious. The great thing is that with her elevated box gardens, her dinner ingredients are just a few steps away. Talk about fresh.”

“It is so great to grow tons of food in a small space. My plants are always so healthy and everything tastes delicious. I love how easy it is to garden with an elevated box garden. The best part of all is that they look beautiful. I am always getting compliments on my elevated box garden and how nice it looks and smells!”

Growing plants in a simple raised bed is also known as intensive or friendship gardening. This style of growing is based on the idea that there are a number of plants that actually like to grow close together and do better when planted this way. This type of gardening makes growing food for yourself and an entire family easy in a very small space. Even those with no backyard can be successful with this type of growing method.

Plants that are grown in a box garden are exceedingly high quality, take up less space and use fewer resources than traditional methods. Box gardening techniques make it super simple to grow a ton of fresh and delicious fruits, herbs and vegetables in a very small space making gardening a possibility for apartment dwellers, people with small backyards or even those with a sunroom where they can grow much indoors.

Plants Grown in Box Gardens are Super Healthy

Do you have a bad back or bad knees?

So many of my friends are like me, they have bad backs or bad knees which makes conventional gardening a chore. I assure you that my ideas around elevated box gardening can bring joy back to everyone who has long put their garden shovels away because of pain and discomfort. I myself can testify to this. After a severe basketball knee injury in college that required surgery, I have now, 30  years later, developed stage 4 osteoarthritis and have torn my meniscus resulting in debilitation, pain and swelling.

Choose From 3 Elevated Box Garden Sizes

Elevated box gardens 
are for everyone

As mentioned, box gardening can be done in a very small space, making it a convenient way for anyone to grow food. Even if you live in an apartment or have a tiny patio space, you can have a robust garden. If you have always been too busy in the past to tend a garden, this is the answer since it requires little time to tend. There are fewer weeds, and those that do appear are much easier to pull out because the soil is not packed hard by foot traffic.

When you grow a conventional garden, there tends to be quite a bit of waste. With box gardening, nothing goes to waste, and each box of robust crops provides more than enough food to feed a small family. You won’t miss the expenses associated with conventional gardens such as irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides. With this zero waste garden model, you will use all you grow!

Elevated box gardens
won’t break the bank

One of the great things about elevated box gardening is that anyone can do it. This form of gardening makes it easy for everyone, even those with bad backs or knees to experience the joys of gardening.

Elevated box gardens
are accessible

The simple design of this garden makes it easy to pick up and move. If you are interested in moving a conventional garden, it takes quite a bit of effort to find a new location and create a suitable growing space.

Elevated box gardens 
are portable

Conventional gardening soil often requires a great deal of amending and monitoring to get it just right. One of the best things about square box gardening is that you can control the quality of the soil from the very beginning, and keeping it healthy is pretty easy. Creating your own “best” soil mixture will give your plants everything they need to be healthy and productive.

Elevated box gardens
have better soil

Not only is growing your own produce great for your physical health but there is also a great deal of research supporting the fact that tending a garden has a host of therapeutic benefits that are enhanced by the fact that planting a garden is so easy. Spending just a little time each day taking care of your garden is relaxing and can reduce stress after a hard day’s work.

Elevate box gardening is a
great way to stay healthy

Order Your Hand Crafted, American Made Instant Elevated Box Garden Kit Today and I Will Throw in Two Great Bonuses Worth Over $70

When you order your very own Instant Elevated Box Garden Kit today I want to throw in a couple of amazing bonuses to make getting started even easier.


The Instant Box Garden Miracle Book
a $37 value, Yours FREE!

Inside you will find:

The secret to growing  box gardens 

How you can use your very own elevated gardens to make gardening easier on your joints 

My #1 tip for beginners to grow with success right out of the gate 

The best way & place to set up your box garden for optimal results 

Tips and tricks for growing and harvesting dozens of fruits, vegetables and herbs 

The best way to deal with pesky pests 

Plus… I share with you over 20 of my favorite theme gardens including step by step instructions on how to plant, care for and harvest your very own delicious, nutritious and beautiful Instant Box Gardens like:

Asian Cuisine Garden

Soothing Herbal Tea Garden

Sweet and Spicy Salsa Garden

Delicious Spice Garden

Butterfly Kisses Garden

I even include recipes and projects so that you can use your harvest to its fullest! 

And, so much more. 

This is a foolproof gardening system and I have given you everything you need to be successful. At the back of the book you will find an extensive index of all the plants mentioned in the book with tips and tricks for starting, planting, growing and harvesting success! 

A taste of what's inside...


Salsa Garden Kit
a $37 value, Yours FREE!

To help you get off to a great start with your elevated gardening experience, I want to include one of my special theme garden kits especially for you. The Salsa Garden theme kit has been a  huge success and will help you grow the most delicious salsa garden ever in your very own elevated box garden.

This kit includes:

A burlap bag to store extra seeds 

8 Peat Pellets

8 Plant Labels Sticks

1 Organic Liquid Fertilizer Tea Compost 

1 Organic, heirloom, open-pollinated, non-GMO seed pack 
(containing 4 individual seed packets)

8 Peat Pots

Complete growing instructions and a recipe for the best salsa ever!

Don’t Wait, We Have Limited Supplies Available

Don’t wait to get your very own American made-to-order 100% Cedar Wood Instant Elevated Box Garden Kit and the great bonuses mentioned above.  You will be on your way to growing food for your family in no time.

I am no longer able to crouch down to tend to a conventional garden and this is, along with a desire to make gardening accessible to all, inspired me to partner with an American custom wood crafter to make high-quality elevated garden bed kits that can be delivered to your doorstep and easily assembled by anyone in under 15 minutes!

My friend Dave says this:

My daughter Taylor says this:

If you’re feeling the stress of current events, you’ve probably spared a thought to the security of your food supply. What would happen if there was nothing on the shelves at the grocery store next week? What if access to fresh food is limited or compromised in some way?

While most big corporations are using genetically modified seed and spraying insane amounts of chemicals on crops, you don’t have to do that at home when you grow your own garden.

If you currently live off store-bought food including fresh fruits and veggies found at your local supermarket, it is likely that you are consuming GMOs and dangerous pesticides and herbicides that can be detrimental to your health. What is worse is that the use of GMOs is also contributing to increased pesticide and herbicide resistance, driving farmers to apply increasing amounts of these chemicals to their crops. 

Did you know? Studies show that the average distance food travels to get to your plate is 1,500 miles; MUCH is lost in this journey. The truth is the fewer miles traveled, the better the food will taste and the more nutrients it will contain.

From a health perspective, there is mounting evidence pointing to the toxic side effects that these foods can have. Researchers are finding that consumption of genetically modified foods can lead to reproductive and immunity problems and affect major organs like the liver and kidneys. Because GMOs are relatively new to the food chain, there is much that is not known about the impact they can have on health and this is a huge issue in itself.

Again, this is just one VERY good reason to grow your own food. The fact that box gardening makes it so easy is even better.

This is where growing your own food becomes very important. When you grow food for your family you have no one to trust but yourself, there are no questions that go unanswered as far as how your food was grown, what kinds of seeds were used, who touched it, what kind of chemicals are on it, how far it travelled, etc.

By now, you’re probably used to seeing food recalls and aren’t surprised when yet another batch of lettuce is contaminated by E. Coli or some other prepackaged product has salmonella or listeria bacteria. When it gets to the point that eating starts to feel like playing Russian Roulette and the recalls just keep coming, it may be time to take your food into your own hands and do something proactive rather than waiting for the bad luck to hit. Growing your own produce ensures that you are eating and feeding your family fresh and safe food. 

Here is another huge benefit of growing your own food: You will look and feel fantastic!!. Everyone always asks me how I get my skin and hair to look so radiant and how I have so much energy and I tell them it is because I grow my own food. Like Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine food!” You have no idea how much your body will appreciate being given fresh and organic food for fuel.

Let’s talk about space. You may be thinking, I have no room to grow my own food. While this may be true of a conventional garden, anyone can easily grow a grocery store of produce on a patio using my elevated box garden method.

People who come over to see my box garden collection are amazed at just how healthy all of my plants look and how much delicious and nutritious food I am growing in such a little space. Not only that but they are amazed at just how easy it is to plant, care for and harvest food for dinner from my box gardens. It just doesn’t get any easier or fresher than this. 

Susan Patterson

Instant Box 








Garden Kit

The Elevated Instant Box Garden Kit that makes gardening accessible to everyone from seasoned to novice gardeners alike no matter whether you live in a home with a large yard or an apartment with a small balcony. Small space, large harvest gardens have NEVER been this easy.

The Elevated

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An Elevated Box Garden Will

Save You Tons of Money $$

If you have been to the grocery store lately you know just how expensive it is to buy high-quality produce. Sadly, millions of Americans opt for sub-par produce, or no product at all because of the high prices. If you have struggled in the past finding the kind of produce you desire or can’t afford to buy what you want, you will be pleased to know that growing your own food in an elevated box garden is the answer that you have been looking for. Not only can you grow delicious and nutritious produce but you can do it for a fraction of grocery store prices.

Do You Have 15 Minutes to Spare? If So, Creating the Perfect Garden Space Has Never Been Easier

You don’t need any special tools or knowledge to put together this amazing elevated box garden kit! This kit is so easy that you can have your Instant Box Garden put together and planted in under 30 minutes!! Simply attach legs and brace pieces and you are ready to go!! Gardening has never been easier or more accessible…. EVER!

Have You Ever Been Disappointed With a Planter Box Before?

Perhaps you are like me and have purchased raised beds for your patio in the past. After half a season, many of the planters I have purchased begin to look tired and start to lose their luster. Not only that, they often start to decay and leak soil all over the place.  This is not the only problem with buying planter boxes from box stores or places that you are unfamiliar with. Many times wood is treated with dangerous chemicals that can leach into your garden and contaminate the very food you are growing and feeding to your family. This is very scary to me especially since part of the reason I grow food for my family is to ensure that it is safe to consume! 

That's why every square inch of our garden beds are made from high quality materials purchased  in the U.S.A!

Our Box Garden Kits are Made of 100% High-Quality Inland Cedar That Outlives Other Cheaper Model Garden Beds

Close your eyes. Think of cedar, what comes to mind? Probably an enticing aroma right?  This beautiful wood is well known for its enticing aroma. It emits an earthy, woodsy and slightly sweet pleasant scent that makes it a favorite material for saunas, hot tubs and wardrobes. But there is more, much more, to cedar than just its enticing fragrance that makes it a perfect choice for an elevated garden bed including:

Cedar is beautiful

You will not find a wood with more curb appeal than Inland Cedar. The red and white tones of this wood mingle together to create a beautiful hue. Placing our handmade cedar boxes where they can be seen in plain view will add great curb appeal and are a welcoming touch to any patio, front porch or outdoor living space.

Cedar is durable and flexible

Cedar is a durable softwood but is highly durable due to its unique cell structure. It is also very lightweight which means yoru planter will be easier to move around if needed. Cedar will not split because of its flexibility.

Cedar repels insects

While humans love the fresh aroma of cedar, insects find it repulsive. This is great news for your garden bed as cedar plants keeping them safe from insect damage, naturally!

Cedar is rot resistant

Because of its unique cell structure, cedar is highly resistant to water penetration making it an excellent choice for a box garden.

Our Box Gardens are Handcrafted in the U.S.A. by a Skilled Carpenter

Our box garden kit pieces are NOT produced on an assembly line. Instead, each box kit is skillfully made to order by our highly trained and accomplished master woodworker. This ensures that the quality of your garden box will be the highest possible.

I have been disappointed so many times in the past after paying good money for subpar garden planters that I decided it was time to find a unique elevated box design made from high-quality wood and with superior craftsmanship. 

We build one elevated box garden kit at a time, so you know that you are buying a unique product that is not mass- produced. 

Every kit is designed, cut, partially assembled and sanded twice before being carefully packaged to ensure the highest quality possible. 

We use only the highest quality untreated Inland Cedar wood, because it is safe for growing plants and won’t leach toxins into your food. 

We use cedar because it lasts a long time and weathers well. 

Pre-drilled drain holes come standard with all of our kits so that your plants will be as healthy as possible. 

Because we want you to enjoy your elevated box garden for years to come, weather-resistant screws and dado joints are standard on all kits. 

Our Elevated Instant Box Gardens are finished with raw linseed oil that provides a beautiful non-toxic and warm finish as well as protection.

We recommend treating your garden box yearly to maintain its rich color. In addition, store your garden box in a garage or other protected location during cold winter months to keep it looking great!

People Love Our 100% Cedar  Handmade Box Gardens

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our high-quality box gardens

“ I live in an apartment and have only a small balcony. I can tell you that this elevated box garden is not only a beautiful and aromatic addition to my patio but it is also highly practical. I have my box planted full and love going to my patio to pick fresh herbs and greens for dinner.  If I had room, I would buy more of these!”

John from Kansas City KS

“ I purchased one of each size of these beautiful and exceptionally well-made cedar garden boxes. I have planted flowers, vegetables and even strawberries and my patio is a rainbow of beautiful colors mingling with the sweet smell of cedar. All my plants are healthy and I love the size and height of these garden boxes. I have purchased patio planters before that have been wobbly, hard to assemble and not nearly as attractive as these boxes. I am so happy to support American craftsmen. I love my boxes and so do my plants!”

Maggie from Clayton, NC

“I own a little sandwich and salad shop and wanted to add fresh greens and herbs to my offerings. These elevated box gardens are just what I needed. Not only do they add a beautiful touch to my outdoor dining areas, but they are a perfect place to grow my favorite herbs and greens. Nothing makes me happier than to support American made products and these garden boxes display a high level of craftsmanship that you just don’t see frequently anymore.”

James from Phoenix, Az

We want everyone to experience the joy of growing in our hand-crafted cedar elevated box gardens so we offer three sizes depending on your space and growing needs.  All of our box gardens stand 27 inches off the ground, making planting, caring for and cleaning up your garden a snap!

Pick the size that is perfect for you or mix and match for a beautiful display!

Choose from these three sizes that are deep enough to grow your favorite flowers, herbs and vegetables yet compact enough to fit on your patio or balcony

24L x 9W x 9H inches - perfect for a patio herb garden or your favorite flowers.

The Mini

The Medium

36L x 9W x 9H inches - perfect for herbs, vegetables and flowers.

The Master

48L x 9W x 9H inches - grow more of everything you love and reap a family-size harvest right at your fingertips.

Choose only the best for the most beautiful and healthy elevated box garden ever… choose handmade, choose quality and choose MADE IN THE U.S.A!! You will be amazed at just how easy it is to put your box garden together and get growing today!!

Are you ready to start growing today?

Your kit includes everything you need to get gardening right away!! All you have to do is screw in the legs and braces and you will be ready to start growing today!


Here are some other great reasons to grow a garden in your very own elevated raised bed:

Features of Our Cedar Elevated Box Gardens

Grow your own healthy fresh vegetables right on your patio or balcony. This is perfect for urban gardeners or those who want their produce close at hand. 

Easy to assemble kits, just put on the leg assembly pieces and you are done. Screws and pre-drilled holes included. 

Elevated style keeps your deck or patio clean and requires NO bending over. 

Custom made in the USA by hand. 

Material: Cedar Wood
Drainage Holes: Yes

Wood Knots: Round, dark spots in the wood
Natural Wood Grain Color Variation: 
No item has the same grain color, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors

Natural Variation

Product Details

The Mini

The Medium

The Master



(This is a one-time payment)


Total: $250.00


24"L x 9"W x 9"H







Total: $300.00

(This is a one-time payment)



36"L x 9"W x 9"H







Total: $350.00

(This is a one-time payment)


48"L x 9"W x 9"H