Limited supply of Organic Coffee that is Roasted
when you order for optimal freshness.

Hi, I'm Jake Carney, co-founder of The Alternative Daily.

I have a secret that I need to share. I am a snob. But not just any snob. I am a coffee snob. But for good reason as you’ll discover below.
I threw out my Keurig and other single-cup brewers a while a go, because I just could not get the absolute best tasting coffee from a quick fix. 
And in my quest for the “perfect cup of coffee,” I came across a very important and critical piece of information that I want to share with you right now.
If you or a loved one drinks coffee, you need to go look at the label immediately.

There is a good chance that the coffee
you are drinking is actually harming you,
and the planet we live on.

Coffee, which has been vilified for years by the mainstream health industries, is actually good for you. Yes, coffee is a superfood!
But the majority of coffee that you buy at grocery stores and coffee shops is not the “superfood” I am talking about.
You see, these conventional coffees are actually laced with literally tons of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that leave harsh chemical residues—chemicals linked to death in lab animals. 
When brewed and consumed, you are ingesting these chemicals into your body. 
And that’s not the only damage that is being done…

Lucy's Bru

Yes, when drinking conventional coffee we are unknowingly
to the destruction of the rainforest, which is literally the
heartbeat of 
our entire planet.
In addition to these completely unsustainable and earth-harming 
farming practices, the good, hard-working folks who work on these 
farms are subject to extremely difficult conditions.
Traditional coffee farms often exploit their workers, paying them 
subsistence wages and exposing them to toxic chemicals and 
unsafe working conditions that endanger their health. 
But all of this changes today.
I personally took up the effort to find the healthiest, cleanest and safest organic coffee beans that were farmed sustainably, and made sure the workers were treated more than fairly.
And that’s why I am so excited to tell you about Lucy’s Bru, our very own custom organic coffee blend, sipped each day by the staff at The Alternative Daily. 
Lucy’s Bru is made of hand-picked,
fair-trade beans...roasted to order just before shipment 
and delivered fresh to your door. 

That’s right. We don’t roast Lucy’s Bru in huge batches that sit on shelves getting stale while waiting for shipment. We schedule small-batch roastings around our customers’ orders so we can ship your beans hot off the roaster. For the freshest, most flavorful cup of coffee. Coffee so fresh, you’ll taste the difference with
the first silky sip.

You can feel good about drinking Lucy’s Bru—and sharing it with your family and friends. We spent months searching for the perfect beans, responsibly grown and free from toxins and chemicals. 

Our beans are:

Exclusively shade-grown—they’re better for the environment. 

Always fair-trade—our farmers are paid a living wage.

Sustainably farmed—using techniques that conserve natural resources.

Certified 100% organic—free from harsh fertilizers and pesticides. 

Our Organic Coffee is so spirited and smooth, I named it after my energetic terrier, Lucy, whose likeness
you’ll see on every bag. 
Yes, Lucy is an actual dog. She is also the burst of energy in all of us. When Lucy isn't chasing squirrels or catching lizards, she is paddle-boarding and swimming in the Atlantic, jumping in pools and giving me and my family eternal love.
Lucy's Bru is sustainably grown and absolutely delicious! 
I truly believe that you're going to LOVE the way it tastes.
I searched long and hard to source the very best hand-picked, organic and fair trade beans we could find, to make sure I would be providing a tasty bean of the highest quality. 
I care about what I put in my body, so I wanted a cup of coffee I could feel good about drinking and I can rest easily at night knowing that our farmers in Central and South America, where Lucy’s Bru beans are sourced, are being treated well and fairly paid for their work.
We wanted to treat people to a coffee experience they couldn’t get anywhere else, which is why we chose
small-batch roastings to deliver it fresh to your door.

Sure we love Lucy’s Bru here at The Alternative
Daily – here’s what others are saying:

“The Lucy Bru is fantastic!  I'm not sure how to describe it except to say that it smells great and tastes good!  The packaging is great to. Great marketing! I definitely would purchase it again.  Thanks!”

– Carole

“Lucy’s Bru is good. It’s Very Good!"

– Rob

“Your Organic Coffee tastes exceptional! I drink it every morning.”

– Matthew D.

“Thank you for brewing an organic coffee, that tastes amazing. I love the entire experience of making my coffee now that I know it’s good for me, and good for the planet!”

Zach M.

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Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee Could Be the Next Rainforest “Breakthrough” That Changes How We Look at Anti-Aging Science!

Hi. I’m Josh Levitt, N.D., licensed physician and resident expert on naturopathic medicine at The Alternative Daily.
Every year, our network of health experts and writers pore through piles of scientific research.
By doing so, we uncover, investigate, and share with our family of subscribers those substances found in nature to be the most effective solutions for fighting today’s toughest diseases.
And if you’re anything like me…you’re probably wondering what it is about the coffee bean that gives it so much protective power? Ironically, that’s something researchers have been looking at for years. And what they found inside the coffee bean is a Turbo-Charged source of powerful antioxidants. In fact, it is by far the #1 source of antioxidants in the US diet.
I recently embarked upon an extensive study of coffee, resulting in one of the most thorough sources on the health benefits of coffee you will find anywhere. Our latest offering is available now:
With The Coffee Solution, we fully intend to convince you that coffee is a healthy addition to your daily diet. And if you’re already drinking coffee…to help you do so without feeling guilty.
Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find inside The Coffee Solution:
That’s right. It won’t cost you a small fortune to prove to yourself and other coffee lovers—even those pesky “nonbelievers”—why it’s actually smart to drink that daily cup or two of hot (or even cold), delicious coffee.
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To your healthy brewing!
Joshua Levitt,  
N.D.Naturopathic Physician & The Alternative Daily’s Resident Expert
See, when you use this information, you’ll see how coffee can help you feel a boost in energy…become more focused and alert …maybe even drop a few pounds…tame painful headaches…feel less stress…and more!
Plus, you’ll no longer feel guilty about brewing that extra cup of healthy coffee daily.
In fact, if you don’t believe this is the most comprehensive information on the benefits of drinking coffee, OR even if you still don’t feel like you are benefitting significantly from drinking your morning brew, just let us know.
We’ll be happy to refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. Plus, the e-book is yours to keep with our compliments!

This major historical event helped coffee gain traction in the U.S. In fact, it took more than 100 years after reaching our shores for coffee to finally grow in popularity…and to become the 2nd most traded global commodity. (It’s all there on page 9.)

A “dirty little secret” behind one country’s rise to #1 in coffee exports. In fact, we’ll reveal how it came about at a terrible cost to human, animal, and plant life…as well as one innovative answer to this modern tragedy. (Check it out, starting on page 30.)

Proper way to read coffee labels so you know in an instant what type of coffee beans are healthiest…if they’re “in season”…and where to get them from. (Get started reading about it on page 35.)

An “obscure” study showing caffeine improves pulmonary function in asthmatics. But you must drink one specific “type” of coffee to see any benefit. (Discover what it is on page 114.)

And much, much more!

How coffee not only boosts mental focus, but also protects against neurological diseases. We’ll reveal specific compounds, their unique healing characteristics, and exactly how they exert such beneficial effects on the brain. (It starts on page 56.)

The “secret” reason caffeinated coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in postmenopausal women. In fact, in a head-to-head battle with tea and decaf coffee…it beat them both hands-down! (Find out why…it’s on page 96.)

How oxygen in the air affects coffee. But no need to sweat…we’ll show you five simple but critical “tricks” for purchasing and storing coffee anyone can use to help protect its flavor and freshness. (Get the full scoop starting on page 37.)

That’s right.
Take a full month to discover why coffee is finally taking its rightful place beside other natural health foods in its ability to help protect against some of our toughest, most chronic health conditions.
We want you to get The Coffee Solution: Reprogram Your Brain, Heart and Body With a Daily Dose and see for yourself how coffee has been shown to boost brain function and protect against a wide range of chronic conditions—and no longer needs to be feared as a health hazard.
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We’re that confident the information we put in The Coffee Solution could significantly change how you think about your coffee habit, even improve your health—or that of your loved ones—for the better.
In fact, we’re confident you’ll finally be able to put any worries about coffee drinking behind you…forever!
We are making this so easy because when you purchase Lucy's Bru coffee, we'll deliver it straight to your door as often as you'd like. Want a fresh bag every week? You've got it! Want 3 bags every month? You've got it!

And if that isn’t enough, it get’s even better…

Why you should ditch your expensive Keurig. We’ll not only show you several health dangers associated with these convenience machines, but also how they hurt the environment and deliver an inferior flavor! (It all starts on page 43.)

You can Try it TodayRISK-FREE!

Look, after all the research we’ve uncovered…it’s clear that coffee can be a healthy addition to your morning routine.

So we want you to get The Coffee Solution: Reprogram Your Brain, Heart and Body With a Daily Dose and  see for yourself how coffee has been shown to boost brain function and protect against a wide range of chronic conditions—and no longer needs to be feared as a health hazard.

But we want you to do so without any risk.

That’s why when you get your own copy of The Coffee Solution, you’re covered by our exclusive 100% Money-Back Guarantee… for a full 30 days!

You now know how our own Lucy’s Bru coffee was created to be free of toxins…go easy on the environment…be sourced exclusively from fair-trade suppliers…and taste just as fresh as the day it was picked.
Yet, what you may not know is, how coffee is really a powerhouse of nutrition—and one of the most natural healing substances ever studied!
In fact, here’s a special message from Dr. Josh on why…
Click Here to Claim Your Free Coffee
Click Here to Claim Your Free Coffee

Claim Your 1 FREE Bag of 100% Organic
Coffee and Uncover the Amazing Flavor
and Experience of this Shade-grown,
Fair-trade Embodiment with Each Sip