And most of the companies like to tout themselves as being "one with the people" and that couldn't be any further from the truth!

How can you be one with the people if everyone can't afford to give themselves a nice gift of super comfy yoga pants

Doesn't make sense to me and it didn't make sense to my friend Jake Carney, Co-founder of The Alternative Daily.

So we set out on a journey to create the most comfortable, form-fitting, super-breathable yoga pant for the everyday woman. You.

Now, Jake doesn't wear yoga pants, but when I told him about the average prices of a single pair of pants cost over $80, $90 and even over $100, he was completely astonished!

He said we have to make this ultra-affordable, but at absolutely no-cost to the quality.

And that is where Coconut Threads comes in.

All joking aside, the prices are outrageous. It's not fair to you.

That's why Coconut Threads Yoga Pants, the super-comfortable, form-fitting, ultra high-quality pant is offered at $49. That's literally less than over half the amount from some of these other trendy stores.

But Jake still didn't think that was quite enough. He really wanted anyone and everyone to be able to treat themselves to a nice yoga pant for an incredibly low price. 

And you can't get much lower than this. 

As we mentioned, the "average" price of yoga pants are well over $100, Coconut Threads Yoga Pants retail at $49, but for a limited-time, introductory price...

We want to give you a pair for FREE.

Hi I'm Megan Harris.

I have a secret to admit. I am a bit of a snob. A fitness and fashion junkie. I'm super picky about the types of clothes I wear. Don't get me wrong, while juggling my job, my family and my bills, a simple t-shirt or tank top is my go to with a pair of shorts or pants. But I occasionally like to treat myself with a high-quality legging! 

Don't we all?

But frankly, I have to tell you, I'm tired of paying 100s of dollars for Yoga Pants!

The prices that these major yoga companies are charging for their pants are astronomical!

The Coconut Threads Yoga Pant is the go-to pant for any hard-working woman who wants to treat themselves to a super-high quality yoga pant, at literally a fraction of the cost of the other mainstream brands out there.

Put simply, these butt-forming pants are pretty sweet.

The technology that went into these pants is unbelievably amazing.

The ultra-flexible contouring of the seams and stitches allow for maximum mobility and movement without making you feel like you are sausage-wrapped.

The super-breathable material makes every workout feel like a breeze, without feeling like there is a draft! You never have to worry about your crotch-area getting swampy. These pants breathe like a cool spring breeze!

That's right! For 0$ you can get yourself an unbelievably high-quality yoga pant. Just pay a small shipping fee, and you can have these pants on before your next workout!

You see, so many people told us to never offer this for free. They told us that if you offer something at such a low price or even free, you are devaluing your product and brand.

I say, watch us!

We are so convinced that you are going to love our pants that we are giving them away for free as an introductory offer for everyone to try. We aren't in this to make a quick buck, as you can tell from our prices, we are in this for the long-run of developing super-comfortable, ultra-flexible yoga pants for everyone, not just people with deep pockets.

We are an inclusive company. We don't offer products for a small segment of people. Being healthy and feeling good is our mantra, and when you step into these pants and do your workout or just wear them out and about, you will feel good. We promise that.

So enjoy a free pair of Coconut Threads Yoga Pants on us Today. Simply select your size and get ready for your legs and butt to feel like they never have before! 

As we said before, you'll never want to take them off!

Keep on loving yourself, you deserve it!

Megan & Jake

© year The Alternative Daily

* Shipping charge applies, will show up on cart before purchase, amount varies by destination.

* Shipping charge applies, will show up on cart before purchase, amount varies by destination.

The Coconut Thread Yoga Pant is unbelievably comfortable for every-day wear. So what, you don't workout or do Yoga, that doesn't mean you can't wear super-comfy pants. Whether you are getting out of the gym into your car, running around town or hanging out around the house, the comfort level of these pants will leave you never wanting to take them off (hint: we do recommend occasionally taking them off to machine wash)

The quality of these pants are amazing, like nothing I have seen in a pant ever. I literally have not been back to a brick and mortar store to get another pair of yoga pants. These are the only ones I wear.

And guess what? I wear them without feeling an ounce of guilt! My yoga pants literally didn't put a dent in my bank account!

You should never feel guilty about your purchase or even a sense of buyer's remorse. And all my girlfriends told me they did whenever they bought the outrageously priced yoga pants.

That's why we are so committed to ultra-form-fitting yoga pants at an unbelievably competitive price.

As I mentioned before, super-trendy yoga pants cost literally $80, $90 and even over $100 per pair! That is literally the cost of about 5-6 dinners!

And you know I am not sacrificing any of my meals! That's right, these yoga pants actually FIX your HANGRY side! Simply by not spending $100's of dollars on yoga pants, you can actually indulge on a few meals :)

Ultra-flexible contouring of the seams and stitches allow for maximum mobility

Super-breathable material that allow for maximum freshness

Hyper-focused fabric in the butt area to form your behind while doing nothing!

Unbelievable comfortable waste band that never loses shape, but doesn't squeeze the life out of you!

Superior Lower leg support for working out or walking around

The Secret Behind the 

Coconut Thread Technology

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